(4) Kit / Bundle Pricing

August 2, 2023

Industry: Discrete Manufacturing

Context & Challenges

  • Kit pricing with multi-layer components where the hierarchical relationships are dynamic
  • Indefinite number of layers of kit components for price calculations. Pricefx doesn’t support more than 3 dirty passes, so we had to find out an alternative way.
  • The kit component definitions are not of the same type and are not kept on the same table either. The structure varies based on product hierarchy


  • We extended Pricefx’s default capability by calculating Kit’s price of unlimited layers of hierarchical components.
  • All kit mapping was stored on different size of PX tables and the reference to those PX tables were kept on a PP. Based on the tables, we developed a forest of tress where we calculated the price of all the components recursively to finally get the kit price of all the components.